Free doodles maybe!

Hi Tumblpeeps!
So as you may have noticed, been getting back into doing quick doodles with watercolour and ink washes lately.
Think it could be quite fun to take a few random requests to doodle over the next few days, and I’ve just got to 342 followers (only 300 above my 2nd favourite number) so that is a contrived enough excuse for me to do it!

If you have a suggestion for a random doodle, some quick and silly and some possibly less quick but probably equally silly, send me a question or a comment or whatever that business is called and I may just indulge!

Alien in a jumper I did during my lunch break at work today

Here’s a dose of watercolour doodles.

Another round of Work and Train Sketches


I like space



Heres a completely random selection of doodles

Haven’t animated much in quite a while, so I decided to do a little warm-up exorcise and do some lip syncing.


The Art of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Review | PlayStationing

I wrote a guest review of The Art of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow for
You should go read it (and get the book) if you love games and/or art!

Just thinking about things