How gamers see the world.

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Or in an old animation, that wall is DEFINITELY going to move.

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Here’s a doodle-y Michelangelo the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, drawn with dip pen and ink then coloured with watercolour and ink washes.


Here’s a drawing of my beautiful little Beefy cat asleep on my chair (plus sketches)

So apparently there’s a fad at the moment on Tumblr for artists to do little illustrated fashion diaries showing what they wear throughout the week.
This is pretty much what mine would be.

Bad People Do Bad Thing blog post

First post on Mind Dump in quite a while!
It was initially going to just be my thoughts on the whole Far Cry 4 box art stuff but ended up being a weird little disjointed ramble about how pretending racism and prejudices don’t exist isn’t going to cure them and how the only way to fight them is by keeping people aware of their continued existence and portraying them as a negative in all forms of media.

So if that sounds fun to you, give it a read!

If you don’t understand this you should be listening to Welcome to Nightvale.

(original file is super big)